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On this page you will be able to find a wide variety of puzzle related websites which I have collected all these years while working / playing online. Please make sure to check every single resource listed on this page as a sign of appreciation of the work I have provided towards the Crossword community. I would personally categorize the puzzle links in 3 main categories, puzzle sites,  crossword related websites and also other fascinating mind-blowing apps available for all major platforms including iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).

Crossword Puzzle Sites

Below you may find a very useful list of the main crossword-puzzle sites which, I have either contributed by creating crossword puzzles or are good friends of mine and deserve to be on this page for the unparalleled work they have been doing through all  these years!

Please let us know if any of the links above is broken or doesn’t load for you.

Top Trivia Games

With the advance of technology, many old school have shifted towards web and apps on their smartphones. Even though I am a fan of pen and paper, I must admit I get addicted with some of the trivia apps available on the app-store. Here is an amazing list with such games.

  • 7 Little Words – Absolutely one of the best games I have ever played which I enjoy playing every single day. There is a daily challenge available for you which will keep your brain and vocabulary rich. In case you are stuck and are looking for the answers then click here
  • CodyCross – Another crossword-related type of game which consists of various worlds. With over 15,000 clues the developers made sure the fun will never stop. In case you are looking for the answers then kindly click here
  • Crosswords with Friends – Another classic game from Zynga which I couldn’t keep out of this list. Crosswords With Friends continues the saga and dominates the world of puzzles online at the moment. Stuck and looking for clues? Kindly click here

Other Word Resources

All the other tools which I have been using almost daily can be found below. Whether you are stuck on the daily jumble or are looking for a word anagram, use the tools below and find what you want!


This page was last updated on April 5th 2017